Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bridgeport - The Vacation World.

Like Bridgeport? Fed up of boring holidays to the middle of nowhere? Send your Sim's to this years number 1 tourist destination - Bridgeport!

Yes thats right people, this is Bridgeport, the subhood. This is a default replacement for one of your Vacation Worlds. Therefore obviously you will need World Adventures and Late Night to play it. and you will lose the use of the Vacation World you choose to replace.

There are a few quirks with it, and as such it won't be uploaded to MTS yet, as it isn't in a completely finished state, but if you don't mind spending 2 minutes setting it up, then it works fine.

1) Navigate to your World Adventures Vacation Worlds Directory (on Windows this is C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 World Adventures\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds)
2) Backup the World you intend to replace somewhere else, like My Documents, as your game will probably whinge when you go to patch otherwise.
3) Delete the World you have just backed up from the NonPackaged\Worlds directory.
4) Copy the Bridgeport.world you just downloaded into NonPackaged\Worlds and rename it to whatever world you just deleted (China.world, Egypt.world or France.world)
4) If you want to use the world in your saved games you already have then go to Documents\Electronic Arts\Sims 3\Saves\<Save Name> and delete (whateverworld)TravelDB.package
5) The first time your Sims travel to Bridgeport you will be thrown onto the Game Setup Screen. From here, go into Edit Town and change a lot into a Base Camp (Community Lot) you can select any lot you want for this, I normally just pick an empty apartment block.
6) Click "Return to Game Setup" the game will then ask you to pick a household (like you started a new game)
7) Click "Choose Household" and select any household you want. When the game loads, it will be your Sims you sent on Vacation you will be playing as, and they will be at the Base Camp.

Bugs and errata:
As previously mentioned, this is a Default Replacement. This means that the game thinks that it is the world you have sent them to (Shang Simla, Al Simhara, Champ Les Sims) Therefore a few oddities will appar, this is what I have noticed so far (I use Bridgeport as my replacement for France)

Sims will sing the songs of the world they think they are, in my case, Locals were singing French Songs.
Sims will ride the "Taxi" Mode of transport for that world (scooters and bikes) NOT actual Taxi's
The Food Truck will not appear (as it is no longer a city, it is a Vacation World)
You will get Adventures related to the appropriate world if you go for them (when you make your Base Camp it will whack an Adventures Board outside) In my case I was seeing adventures asking for Nectar and stuff. Not sure if it asks you to enter Tombs that don't exist, I haven't seen any yet, but France doesn't have that many tombs.
Unless you improve your Visa, you are still restricted to 3 days (although in my testing, it seemed if I saved and quit, I got all 3 days back when I reloaded, can't confirm this wasn't a fluke though)
All Explorers will try to use whatever building you assign as Base Camp, this means that if you assign a 1 bed apartment (like I did) you will have to kick Sim's out of bed when you want to sleep.

As ever, feedback is appreciated, and I will upload a more "Polished" version when I have it done.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?f6x9x9ahbhio2r0

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