Wednesday, 25 August 2010

TESTERS WANTED: Free Your Pregnant Sim

Need some testers for this one: The basic premise is that Pregnant Sim's should have no limitations on them any more on what they can and cannot do.

Plan Outfit, Get a Tattoo and Get a Makeover are DISABLED everything else should be enabled.

Specifically, I need Testers for:

Pregnant Martial Arts, My tester has been unable to confirm one way or another whether it works as she doesn't have WA. I know MA clothing doesn't have pregnancy morphs, but I need to know whether they can actually practise Martial Arts while Pregnant.

Ambitions Professions:
I need someone to install the "Jobs and Careers" package and then get an unemployed Pregnant Sim an Ambitions Career (specifically: Firefighter, PI and Ghost Hunter) and tell me whether they can do all the things they need to to complete jobs. (Pregnant Sim's who get a job while Pregnant will still go to work)

The other features HAVE been tested, but it will still be useful if people can test it on other versions (most interested in whether it works Pre-Ambitions)


The Simcredible Everclean Unbreakable Toilet

This Mod was uploaded to MTS a couple of months ago, but was rejected for being "too cheaty." So now I offer you an Simcredible Exclusive!

One thing that bugged the hell out of me about Sim's is the fact that your toilet would break after about 2 uses. Seriously? even cheapo toilets don't break that often. So I decided to fix it.

What This Mod Does
This Mod changes the Game Toilets to have the following attributes (WITHOUT upgrades)
Self Cleaning (well actually, they just can't get dirty, but its the same thing effectively)
Self Flushing.

What this Mod does not do
This won't change any CC toilets, or any toilets that came with the game after Ambitions. Only Toilets that ship WITH the Base Game/WA/HELS/AMB have been changed. (at the time of writing Fast Lane Stuff and Late Night are unreleased)

Should be compatible with all patch levels, as its unlikely EA will change the coding for already made toilets. If you don't have one of more Expansions or Stuff Packs then don't worry, it should still work.

Additional Credits

Peter Jones for S3PE.


Give me Feedback! and ENJOY!

No Autonomous Homework Fixed for 1.14+ Including Ambitions


EXCLUSIVE! THIS MOD IS NOT ON MTS YET AND POSSIBLY NEVER WILL BE IF IT GETS REJECTED (depends if the mods think I have done enough to get permission from supaclover, despite her being banned so I have no way of getting hold of her)

Well after downloading supaclover's version of this Mod, my game gave me a lovely "Crash to Desktop" everytime my Sim's went off to school (presumably when it checks to see if they have done their homework) which doesn't suprise me, because it hasn't been updated in, well forever. So here is a new version which definitely works

What This Mod Does
Stops your Sim's from doing their homework autonomously, they will only do the homework when you tell them to.

A note on EP/SP Compatibility
As usual, I see no reason why this Mod shouldn't work on any EP/SP as long as you are running the game version listed in the title. HOWEVER I have only been able to test it on a game running Base Game+WA+HELS+AMB as my PC doesn't like "Any Game Launcher" so MTS rules means I have to list that as the base of what you need.

This Mod edits the "Do Homework" and "Get Homework_DoHomework" XML's and will conflict with any mod that does the same. Definitely EGC Compatible, probably Awesome Compatible, but hasn't been tested. Should be compatible with all Core Mod's though.


Additional Credits:
Peter Jones for S3PE
MTS for hosting
Supaclova for the original mod.
EA for making The Sims 3.

Link: (NON MTS)

Go for a Walk! Not a Run!

I must say thank you to Woohoo in the City for giving me the idea to make this mod, he/she was complaining about how Sims run everywhere. This Mod stops that behaviour

What This Mod Does
In laymans terms, it makes Sims choose to Walk or Fast Walk to their destination rather than run. (Walk and Fast Walk are 50/50 it can select either, but no faster walking styles) Your Sims WILL still Jog if you order them to, but they won't do it autonomously (the option is disabled on unmodded games anyway, it goes from Fast Walk to All out Run)

Your Sims WILL still take the car or taxi if it is beyond a reasonable walking distance.

Has been tested on a Base Game running 1.14 as well as all expansions using "Any Game Launcher", works perfectly on all counts. Definitely compatible with EGC, probably compatible with AwesomeMod but hasn't been tested.

This Mod edits the "Walking Styles" XML and will conflict with any mod that does the same thing (but why would you use this mod along with another one that edits walking speeds?)

The Technical Bit
By default the game will choose the best speed for the distance, basically anything beyond your Home Lot (even across the road) will result in it picking a faster speed. This Mod sets all walking styles except for Walk and Fast Walk to a value of "-1" (which in game terms means "Not an Option"

Additional Credits:
Woohoo and the City for giving me the idea.
EA for making TS3
Peter Jones for S3PE
MTS for hosting.
Johna for his "Any Game Launcher" which I tested it on.


Sim Weightwatchers - More Sensible Weight Gain

I noticed that with my fatter Sims, even when they hit the treadmill, they were still fat again by the next day. Looking at the code I realised that this is because a sim gains 40% fat per meal! So here is a Mod to slow down the process.

I think I cut all mention of it out... but I'll say it here just in case. This Mod makes your Sims gain 7% of fat per meal not 14%. I got confused because it works out to 14% a day if you eat 2 meals. The Mod doesn't need to be changed, I coded that correctly, I just posted the wrong figures on here.

What this Mod Does
Slows the weight gain from 40% per meal (on the basis that eating takes 1 hour) to just over 7% per meal. This works out to roughly a week before they regain their original figure, plenty of time to hit the treadmill again.

What this Mod does not do
This Mod will not stop your sims getting fat. It just slows the process down to a more realistic level

The Technical Bit
The Game calculates Weight gain on an "amount of time spent eating" ratio. By default, a Sim will become "completely fat" (or their Target weight as determined by genetics) in just 2.4 hours. At roughly an hour per meal, and 2 meals a day, this means a sim will be back to their target weight by breakfast the next day! I have tweaked it so that it takes 14.2 hours worth of food to regain their fat. (I know, its a silly number, but I couldn't directly influence the time, it had to be a percentage of 24 hours, to one decimal place so I set it to "0.6 Sim days") Again at 2 meals a day, it will take 1 week for them to regain their target weight (much more sensible).

If your Sims have gone without Cardio Excersise (Treadmill) for 12 days then by that time they would have regained their original weight, regardless of whether they have eaten for 14.2 hours or not.

Muscle loss works exactly the same way except it isn't influenced by how you eat. After 12 days of no Strength Workouts your Sim goes back to normal (Note you won't actually see it happen, its gradual over the 12 days)

Oh and for those of you wondering it doesn't matter what you eat the weight gain is the same. Autumn Salad is no better for your Sims than Lobster Thermidore.

This Mod is compatible with all EP's/SP's and all patch levels

This Mod is incompatible with all mods that edit the "Sim Descriptions" XML.

Additional Credits:
Lytefoot for pointing me in the direction of the right XML
Peter Jones for S3PE
MTS for Hosting
Shimrod for giving me a baseline to work from


All Ages NPC

I had a dream, a crazy dream of having all the NPC's in my town be children. That dream failed, pretty hard when I realised that most NPC's can't be children, the game just fails to load them... so I expanded my original idea, and now I present to you, any age NPC's you want!

If you only want to change one NPC then download the relevant age package. All zips include "single" changes and ones to change them All. I also take requests if you want a combination (for instance Teen Maid and Adult Babysitter)

If you use any of Rainbow Brite's Babysitter Mod's then please please please! read this carefully:

This Mod IS compatible with "24 hour babysitter" provided that you don't use the Elder Babysitter or Young Adult Babysitter version.

If you are using the Young Adult Babysitter or the Elder Babysitter version of Rainbow Brite's Mod then please do not use this one too. Best case, it just won't work. Worst case, it will crash your game. RainbowBrites Young Adult Babysitter Mod can be found here: Otherwise, just use the "24 hour" version and NOT the Age changing version.

30/7/2010 - YA exclusive NPC's released. (Game defaults to either YA or Adults, this Mod will force YA's only)
29/7/2010 - Teen Maid and Adult Babysitter uploaded by request.

What this Mod does
Allows you to make your NPC's any age you see fit. Either you can change a single NPC age, or you can change all NPC's to a certain age.


Should be compatible with Base Game and above, but has been tested on a machine running Base Game+WA+HELS+AMB so can't confirm that. Definitely works on both 4.0 and 4.2

I didn't include all variations, because quite frankly it would have taken forever. However, if you have a specific request (for instance, Teen Maid and Elder Babysitter) then please post it to the comments section, along with a testimony that at least one version of this mod works in your game (so I know that my code will work for you) and I will make it for you

Just to be clear, as there has already been a comment on this: I see no reason why this mod will not work on any game version running 1.12 or above, but it has been untested on other expansions.

Should be compatible with all known Mods/Core Mods unless they edit NPC ages or (in the case of Child NPC's) NPC uniforms/clothing


Known Bugs
If using any of the Child Packages, the following NPC's will turn up out of uniform (whether Child NPC's or not)
Pizza Delivery
This is down to the "No Uniform" script that has been written in to the mod, which Buzzler created for me, originally there were going to be more kid NPC's

Child Maids will stretch into weird anorexic Adult Bodies to clean counters, then return to normal afterwards (I think thats the only maid duty that doesn't have a child animation) Nothing can be done about this, unless EA give us a way to make children clean counters.

Child Firefighters will arrive at the lot, say they can't get to the fire, then the fire will miraculously put itself out (again, lack of animation)

Teen NPC's won't drive to the lot, they will walk (so take longer to get there)

There is no option to change the Paperboy/girl age. I couldn't get it to generate anything other than Child Paper deliverers.
You need to start a new game for this Mod to work, as your town will have already generated NPC's

Additional Credits:
TheBuzzler for his "NPC Everyday clothing" Script
S3PE for allowing me to make this.
MTS for hosting.
EAxis for making the Sims

Download Link:

No Autonomous Tag

If you have played Sims recently with the latest patch, you have probably noticed that Sims who play tag catch "running disease" or in other words, they will run forever more until they die. I got so annoyed by this, that I created this mod. Hopefully you will be able to make use of it too.

What This Mod Does
Disables Autonomous "Play Tag" and thus prevents your Sims from catching "running disease"

What This Mod Does Not Do
This Mod will not cure "running disease." Once your sims have this terrible affliction, the only way to cure it is using Twallans Debugger. (available here: This is prevention, not cure.

EP/SP Compatibility
I am 99% certain that this Mod is only compatible with the following patches: 1.12/2.7/3.3/4.0 and 1.14/2.9/3.5/4.2 EA broke something with "Play Tag" with the latest patch, and therefore they must have fiddled with it. (Mod has been tested with Ambitions 4.0)

Is This a Core Mod?
Absolutely not. This is a simple Tuning Mod and should be compatible with all Core Mods (see Known Conflicts below)

Known Conflicts
None: This Mod should be compatible with all mods, unless they edit the "Play_Tag" XML This was basically the only option there though, so it shouldn't conflict with anything.

How to Install this Mod
Place it in your Mods\Packages folder just like any other mod. (Note: if you are using the "My Documents" Mod installation method, this mod will NOT appear in the list of detected mods at game startup)

10/7/2010 - Updated for patch 1.14 (built using Ambitions 4.2) - Play tag disabled as a User Interaction (due to "running disease" bug)
30/6/2010 - Original Upload (1.12)

Additional Credits:
The makers of S3PE for allowing me to make this.
MTS for Hosting this mod, and being a Sims Players best friend.
Twallan for his Debugger, which allowed me to cure "running disease" and make this mod to prevent it happening again
EA for breaking the "Play Tag" interaction and making this mod necessary
Morningflesh for providing me with the code for patch 1.14

Download Page:

No Autonomous Work From Home

 This was my first ever mod, so I hope you like it.

What This Mod Does
Either stops Sims from Autonomously "Working From Home" or Disables Working From Home as an option entirely (Please note, your sims may still get wishes to Work From Home with this one, I haven't figured out how to disable it yet.

Is This a Core Mod?
Absolutely not. This is a simple Tuning Mod, and shouldn't interfere with any mods unless they specifically edit the Work From Home XML in GameplayData.package (and they shouldn't... this was basically the only option in there)

A Note about EP/SP Compatibility
As far as I know, this SHOULD be Compatible with all known EP's SP's and the Base Game as long as you have game version 1.12+ However I have only been able to test it with Ambitions. so can't say for certain. To the best of my knowledge though, the Work From Home XML has never been touched.

How do I Install this Mod?
Just stick it into your Mods\Packages folder just like any other Tuning Mod.

Would appreciate any feedback and ENJOY!

Additional Credits:
The makers of S3PE for making even simple people like me able to do these mods
MTS2 for hosting
EA for making TS3
Rebekah Bunch for annoying me so much that I had to make this.

No Autonomous Work From Home:

Disable Work From Home:


Hi, I'm Martin, otherwise known in the Sims 3 community as Severedsolo. Some of you may know me as a modder.

Well my list of Mods over at MTS is starting to get a bit heavy, so I decided to put them all in one easy to find location.

All my mods will appear here first, including ones I load to MTS and BETA versions of Mods im working on :) Enjoy!