Wednesday, 25 August 2010

TESTERS WANTED: Free Your Pregnant Sim

Need some testers for this one: The basic premise is that Pregnant Sim's should have no limitations on them any more on what they can and cannot do.

Plan Outfit, Get a Tattoo and Get a Makeover are DISABLED everything else should be enabled.

Specifically, I need Testers for:

Pregnant Martial Arts, My tester has been unable to confirm one way or another whether it works as she doesn't have WA. I know MA clothing doesn't have pregnancy morphs, but I need to know whether they can actually practise Martial Arts while Pregnant.

Ambitions Professions:
I need someone to install the "Jobs and Careers" package and then get an unemployed Pregnant Sim an Ambitions Career (specifically: Firefighter, PI and Ghost Hunter) and tell me whether they can do all the things they need to to complete jobs. (Pregnant Sim's who get a job while Pregnant will still go to work)

The other features HAVE been tested, but it will still be useful if people can test it on other versions (most interested in whether it works Pre-Ambitions)


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