Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Simcredible Everclean Unbreakable Toilet

This Mod was uploaded to MTS a couple of months ago, but was rejected for being "too cheaty." So now I offer you an Simcredible Exclusive!

One thing that bugged the hell out of me about Sim's is the fact that your toilet would break after about 2 uses. Seriously? even cheapo toilets don't break that often. So I decided to fix it.

What This Mod Does
This Mod changes the Game Toilets to have the following attributes (WITHOUT upgrades)
Self Cleaning (well actually, they just can't get dirty, but its the same thing effectively)
Self Flushing.

What this Mod does not do
This won't change any CC toilets, or any toilets that came with the game after Ambitions. Only Toilets that ship WITH the Base Game/WA/HELS/AMB have been changed. (at the time of writing Fast Lane Stuff and Late Night are unreleased)

Should be compatible with all patch levels, as its unlikely EA will change the coding for already made toilets. If you don't have one of more Expansions or Stuff Packs then don't worry, it should still work.

Additional Credits

Peter Jones for S3PE.


Give me Feedback! and ENJOY!

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