Wednesday, 25 August 2010

No Autonomous Work From Home

 This was my first ever mod, so I hope you like it.

What This Mod Does
Either stops Sims from Autonomously "Working From Home" or Disables Working From Home as an option entirely (Please note, your sims may still get wishes to Work From Home with this one, I haven't figured out how to disable it yet.

Is This a Core Mod?
Absolutely not. This is a simple Tuning Mod, and shouldn't interfere with any mods unless they specifically edit the Work From Home XML in GameplayData.package (and they shouldn't... this was basically the only option in there)

A Note about EP/SP Compatibility
As far as I know, this SHOULD be Compatible with all known EP's SP's and the Base Game as long as you have game version 1.12+ However I have only been able to test it with Ambitions. so can't say for certain. To the best of my knowledge though, the Work From Home XML has never been touched.

How do I Install this Mod?
Just stick it into your Mods\Packages folder just like any other Tuning Mod.

Would appreciate any feedback and ENJOY!

Additional Credits:
The makers of S3PE for making even simple people like me able to do these mods
MTS2 for hosting
EA for making TS3
Rebekah Bunch for annoying me so much that I had to make this.

No Autonomous Work From Home:

Disable Work From Home:

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