Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Go for a Walk! Not a Run!

I must say thank you to Woohoo in the City for giving me the idea to make this mod, he/she was complaining about how Sims run everywhere. This Mod stops that behaviour

What This Mod Does
In laymans terms, it makes Sims choose to Walk or Fast Walk to their destination rather than run. (Walk and Fast Walk are 50/50 it can select either, but no faster walking styles) Your Sims WILL still Jog if you order them to, but they won't do it autonomously (the option is disabled on unmodded games anyway, it goes from Fast Walk to All out Run)

Your Sims WILL still take the car or taxi if it is beyond a reasonable walking distance.

Has been tested on a Base Game running 1.14 as well as all expansions using "Any Game Launcher", works perfectly on all counts. Definitely compatible with EGC, probably compatible with AwesomeMod but hasn't been tested.

This Mod edits the "Walking Styles" XML and will conflict with any mod that does the same thing (but why would you use this mod along with another one that edits walking speeds?)

The Technical Bit
By default the game will choose the best speed for the distance, basically anything beyond your Home Lot (even across the road) will result in it picking a faster speed. This Mod sets all walking styles except for Walk and Fast Walk to a value of "-1" (which in game terms means "Not an Option"

Additional Credits:
Woohoo and the City for giving me the idea.
EA for making TS3
Peter Jones for S3PE
MTS for hosting.
Johna for his "Any Game Launcher" which I tested it on.


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