Saturday, 18 June 2011

Testers Wanted - The Romantic Rep Killer

So, I ran afoul of the stupid Romantic Reputation today. My Sim danced with a girl at Prom, they became Romantic Interests, but I never pursued it. Then later he got a girlfriend, and she decided to accuse him of cheating, completely tanking the relationship.

So I set out to do something about it.

Presenting, The Romantic Rep Killer.

This Mod should completely eliminate all negative effects of cheating from the Romantic Reputation system. Specifically, your significant other should never accuse you of cheating, no-one should see you cheating, and having a bad reputation will not hit your relationship with new partners.

This is a difficult thing to test by myself, as the chance of getting accused seem's to be a bit random. However if I have done this right, then your reputation should still change, you should still get the positive effects of being faithful, but no negative effects.

There should be no conflicts from this Mod. The resources it overrides are used exclusively for Romantic Rep so the chances of conflicts are pretty much 0.

This is a very early version, so don't be too surprised if not everything works. I haven't even given this a playtest myself yet.

Obviously please report all bugs, or if something isn't working. A detailed description of your Sim's romantic status with all partners (including Romantic Interests) would help. Also, please just don't post if it is working. I need to know that too!


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  1. There's an issue with this in version 1.69, if you boot up the game with this Mod on, the game crashes with the "Sims 3 has stopped working" error message, though that might be due to me using the Master Contoller, whch I deleted...Not sure.