Friday, 22 July 2011

By Request - Stop Being Lazy!

Quick request for Ismaildeath from MTS.

Basically triples the distance at which driving/taking a taxi is a valid option. Vacation Worlds have also been effected. The distance was very short on Vacation anyway, it is now (more or less) the same distance as the original home world distance was.

Edits the "Cars" XML and will conflict with anything that edits the same. Should be a bit of a non-issue though, unless you happen to have a mod that changes what time headlights come on.



  1. Does this mod affect NPCs? I've noticed a lot of them never use cars or taxis anymore and I'm worried a lot of them might get fired due to arriving late.

  2. Yes, it probably does. Generally XML mods effect all Sims. I didn't really check to be honest. I just have it a quick test.

    On being fired: it shouldn't matter. As long as a Sim is "en route" to work, job performance doesn't decrease. It only decreases if they aren't even attempting to get to work.