Sunday, 13 February 2011

Copyright and Sharing Policy plus Disclaimer.

It has come to my attention, that as this blog is now starting to get quite a bit of traffic, that I need to put some sort of rules on sharing, as some of my stuff is being used in ways I don't particularly like much. I apologise for the long list, but a quick google of my stuff (yeah I was bored) showed that alot of it was ending up on paysites, or links were only available to registered members of paysites.

These rules (where applicable) also apply to my stuff on MTS, I have changed my creator policies on there, so make sure you check there too. (Although it gets a bit hazy there, as they are also bound by MTS' copyright rules, so make sure you check their rules too.)

Due to the wonderful way that British copyright law works, as the creator I own the rights (excluding parts already copyrighted by EA or other parties.) for life plus 10 years. All of my creations are distributed as Freeware. This means that you should never have to pay a fee for anything I have made.

I expressly forbid uploading anything I have created to a payware site without my permission. Likewise I forbid bundling anything I have created with content that requires a fee to download (commonly called payware)

If you want to share any of my creations, do not bundle them with your own creations, or upload them to any sites. Instead link to the page with the description and the download link. All of my creations are either uploaded onto or (via 3rd party file sharing websites, which will always be linked to from the blog) if you have obtained any of my creations from elsewhere then please let me know, by contacting

If you wish to use my creations as a basis for your own work, and you intend to share it, then you must first obtain my permission. You must also credit me with a link to the original creation and make it clear that you have used my work as a baseline.

While I do offer support for my creations, all of my creations are presented "As is" and I accept no responsibility for any adverse effects they may have on your computer, your game, or the universe as a whole.

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