Thursday, 10 February 2011

News: Patch 1.19 and other stuff.

At the moment, I cannot check whether any of my Mod's are OLS compatible. This will remain the case until Baxim updates his CORE. I honestly do not see the point of patching at the moment, as EA didn't actually change anything anyway, and I hate playing the game without CORE.

If someone with the latest patch would like to upload their GamePlayData package from their latest expansion/stuff pack then I will quite happily take a look.

Also, while looking through some game files earlier, I discovered that Easier/Harder Homeshot Design LTW is actually incompatible with CORE. Therefore, as of today, I will be dropping support for that particular mod. Happily this shouldn't matter, as I don't anticipate EA changing an XML that should never need changing. (All it does is tweaks figures on LTW's so I don't think they will change that.)

For those of you waiting for an update for Simcredible Toilets. I am trying to track down the resource for the "Common Commode" which is (I think) the only toilet which isn't Simcredible at the moment. It doesn't appear to be with the other toilets though, but I'm trying to find it.

"Family Day Out" production has been suspended, due to a lack of progress with the rabbitholes. If someone expresses an interest in it, even with rabbitholes not working, I will consider an update. Otherwise, consider it dead.

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